Piu Village Update: Our new fundraising plan and how you can help! 1

Greetings BioEnceptionz fans!

This blog is to update you on the current plans for our Piu Village biodigester project. We’ve been brainstorming since the pledgeme campaign and we’re excited about a new funding plan for Piu, and we’d love your help! Along with entering discussions with some potential corporate sponsors in Samoa, we’re also re-launching our community fundraising campaign for this project – with a few differences as detailed below. We remain absolute determined to bring positive change via household biodigesters to Piu. We will get this done!

We aim to start as early in 2014 as possible. Overall we need to raise about NZ$27,000 to cover our costs to design, build and commission these six household systems. This is a 25% lower cost than in our earlier crowdfunding attempt. In designing the systems for the Resource Testing and Community Engagement Center (see earlier story), we came up with some innovative methods to significantly lower the materials costs. We can now employ these in the Piu Village project. The sketch below shows the digester and gas storage vessels and biogas appliances that each of the six households will receive.


One big change in this new funding push is that we no longer feel it is critical to do all this project in one go. Our managing director, Murray Ward, is relocating to Samoa this coming month to steer all our work in advance of the SIDS-2014 Conference at the end of August. So the new plan is to build these systems as funds become available through a continuous fundraising effort. Every time we have raised a total of NZ$4,500 we will install a system for one of the households in Piu Village. When ordering materials for our other government projects, we will bring in extra materials to be on hand for doing a Piu Village installation.

Our immediate goal is then to get the funding confirmed for the first one, which we could do in March when the ship arrives with the materials for the Resource Testing and Community Engagement Center. We can already be over 70% of the way to reaching this goal if we can re-connect with all those who offered support in our earlier crowdfunding attempt. We have now added a donate button on this website so anyone can donate directly to the Piu Village household biodigesters project. This gives a way for those who did pledge in our earlier crowdfunding attempt to re-pledge directly. Thanks so much for this!

As part of this ongoing fundraising effort we are also talking with some firms in Samoa who see this project as a good way to support small local communities and show they’re good corporate citizens. We have a number of sponsorship packages (silver, gold and platinum) and welcome any firms in Samoa (and outside Samoa) to make contact with us about these at contact@bioenceptionz.com.

And with the help of other ‘Supporters of Piu’ we will be getting the word out to individuals and communities in Samoa, New Zealand and Australia.

Finally we are looking to see if there may be some international donor ‘pots of money’ that we might access for this project. Donors always like it if projects have raised some of the money needed, so we see this primarily as a means to top up anything we raise through the other efforts above.

As always, we’re incredibly grateful for your support. We believe 2014 will be a big year for BioEnceptionz, for Piu Village, and for bio-energy in Samoa.

Fa’afetai/Thank you!

-The BioEnceptionz Team

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One thought on “Piu Village Update: Our new fundraising plan and how you can help!

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    Ian Shearer

    Great project Murray and the BioEnceptionz Team. It will be great to see this village scheme up and running and then spread the success to many other villages in the Pacific.