About Us


BioEnceptionz is a New Zealand-based entity operating under the principles of a not-for-profit social enterprise.

We conceive of, plan with host governments and donors, and implement feasibility studies involving advanced biomass and waste-based energy systems suitable for Pacific Island and other developing countries. In addition to these studies providing ‘seeing is believing’ proof of the technical and economic applicability of the technologies, they also will involve the development of financeable business models that can be employed by local companies in the subsequent roll-out of these systems to the betterment of the environment and economies in these countries.

The three directors of BioEnceptionz bring to this collaboration their detailed experiences over many years in owning and operating environmental businesses.


Murray WardMurray Ward
 Principal, Global Climate Change Consultancy (GtripleC) Murray’s career as an environmental professional spans over 35 years. In the last 15 years he has specialised at the forefront of international climate change policy and finance. His role with BioEnceptionz now adds very tangible ‘on the ground’ results to complement two decades of mostly written reports and presentations. “It’s great to get back to some engineering design and technology – where my career started.”
For more details on Murray’s work see www.gtriplec.co.nz






SeanWeaverSean Weaver 
Principal, Carbon Partnership Ltd Sean has over 25 years experience in practical solutions to resource management problems in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, principally in the forest conservation sector but extending to climate change policy, carbon markets, bioenergy and education & training.
For more details on Sean’s work see www.carbonpartnership.co.nz