Big Year Planned For 2014

Hello Bioenceptionz fans!

This is shaping up to be a really exciting (and busy!) year for BioEnceptionz in Samoa. The next shipment of materials is on the boat, making its way to Apia from our biodigester materials’ suppliers in China. The first thing up is to build the Resource Testing and Community Engagement Centre (RT&CEC) in Apia (see previous story). This will be done in early March and we can’t wait to show off the innovative biogas technologies we’ll be putting on display for the public.

We have come up with some truly unique design innovations that we will be showcasing – these can dramatically decrease the costs of doing small-scale biodigester projects.

Left: A concept drawing of the RT&CES system to be built in Apia, Samoa (click to enlarge)

This is a really important investment in biogas energy in Samoa. We will quickly be able to catalog the biogas production performance of all the potential feedstock resources available in Samoa and this data will help in the design of all future systems – of different sizes and for different applications.

At the end of August this year there is a major international event in Samoa – the UN SIDS 2014 Conference. About 4000 practitioners in sustainable development for small island countries from around the world will descend on Apia for two weeks of discussions and displays. (More details on this can be found at this link). BioEnceptionz is trying to get as many demonstration systems built and operating in time for the conference. Our plans include household systems as well as small community power stations. These sites will be part of the field visits part of the SIDS-2014 programme and we can’t wait to get started.

Piu Village

Our Piu Village households systems project is still very much top-of-mind. We truly hope we can secure the funding soon so that we can do this project and have it be one of the demonstration sites we’ll proudly display in 2014. In our next blog, posting soon, we will let you know what we have been doing to try and raise the funding for this project and how you can help!

Thanks for your ongoing interest in our work.

And Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2014.


The BioEnceptionz Team.

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